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Kat Dahlia Reveals Unexpected Vulnerability In Latin Album "SeVeN"

Cuban-American songstress Kat Dahlia dives head first into her Latin roots with long awaited Spanglish album, ‘SeVeN’. The enchanting 10-track project is sweet, honest, fierce, and wholly empowering. Written by and for women, each record is fused with a uniquely female perspective and healthy dose....Read More

Former Vine Star Christian Leave Comes Into His Own On "Adult"

Vine was only around for four short years, but in that time it made a tremendous impact on popular culture. Despite the fact that it was discontinued by Twitter back in early 2017, many “Vine stars” are still at the forefront of minds and newsfeeds across the world. This is partly thanks to the rise of competing....Read More

Drive-in concerts are a thing now. We spoke to the musician who performed the world's first

Last month, Danish singer-songwriter Mads Langer played to an audience social-distancing inside their cars at a drive-in stage erected in the coastal town of Aarhus. Langers' performance was transmitted to a dedicated frequency, and attendees tuned their car radios in to listen. So how did it go? Is this the....Read More

Kat Dahlia/ Flaunt Premiere/ Spanglish Album "SeVeN"

Kat Dahlia embodies the definition of a rising star, drawing inspiration from a plethora of genres from Afrobeat and Latin urban to R&B and pop. Now, the Cuban-American singer-songwriter dives head first into her Latin roots with her highly-anticipated Spanglish album, SeVeN, premiered today exclusively on Flaunt.....Read More

Warner Chappell signs songwriter and vocalist Cleo Tighe

Warner Chappell Music has signed a worldwide publishing deal with songwriter and vocalist Cleo Tighe.

The deal sees Warner Chappell Music partner with Evan ‘Kidd’ Bogart’s Camelot Music Group to publish the future works from Tighe. Tighe has written songs for artists including Charli XCX, Kehlani,....Read More

New Music To Know: Feels Brought To You By Kat Dahlia, Jessie Reyes, & More

I'm not here to make you get emotional, but it's likely that this selection of new music might just do that; this week's edition of New Music Fridays features a lineup of songs that will hit you right in the feels. The stunning new singles offer up with some poignant self-reflection ("No One's in the Room," "Farewell"), .....Read More

Denmark embraces live music drive-ins

Concerts and music festivals have been cancelled around the world due to measures brought in to fight coronavirus. So musicians are finding new ways to reach their fans safely. Now drive-ins have been revived, to bring live music back to the stage. In Denmark, more than 70 shows are planned. The BBC....Read More

Christian Leave Is Becoming An Adult

Christian Leave is a 20-year old multi-disciplinary artist who describes 2020 as "the year of people." And he’s not way off—Christian imagines an era of evolution and open transversion, which inevitably.....Read More

Premiere: After 2-Year Hiatus, Kat Dahlia Starts a New Chapter With Airy Reggaeton Track “I’m Doing Good”

Miami Cuban artist Kat Dahlia seems to be headed into a new phase of her career with her latest single “I’m Doing Good.” In an interview with Remezcla, she explains that her aim with the new song was to....Read More

Interview: 2019 Must-Know - Christian Leave

"I can tell it's you / Falling fast for you / Brain is set on you / And what this is gonna turn into," sings Christian Leave on 'You', the opening-track on his 'Trilogy' EP released at the end of last year, and a candid insight into this self-declared "kid with dreams who wants to connect with the rest of the world" who pens and produces heartfelt emotional snapshots into song-form. Hailing from rural Texas, the former Vine star...Read More

Christian Leave Sings of Love and Loneliness in the Impressive ‘Trilogy’ EP

From the idyllic house music of Yaeji to the transcendentally soulful pop of Shamir, Los Angeles-based music company godmode has delivered some of the most innovative acts in recent memory. Their latest release sees them adding yet another phenomenal release to their increasingly impressive roster, as Christian Leave makes his way through four exquisite tracks in his new EP, Trilogy. The once vine star turned artist offers.....Read More

New Noise: Gina Kushka

Here at Wonderland we love a good pop song. Dancey and full of energy, Gina Kushka is the pinnacle of this what it means to be a good old fashioned lover of pop music, but in the purest sense of the word. She’s the singer song writer from London proving that there’s nothing wrong with belting out a few chords now and then. The girl’s got pipes, and teamed with her impressive song writing skills that allow for her create an anthemic quality to her music, she’s unstoppable. Her latest track “Bring It Down“ is a track with an underground edge, but the singer still.....Read More

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